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ALIZI.MOBI - wooden mobile
ALIZI.MOBI - wooden mobile
ALIZI.MOBI - wooden mobile.jpg
ALIZI.MOBI - wooden mobile
ALIZI.MOBI - wooden mobile
ALIZI.MOBI - wooden mobile
ALIZI.MOBI - wooden mobile
ALIZI.MOBI - wooden mobile - wooden mobile

This mobile was created for our newborn baby... I wanted to create something beautiful for her to look at, while we are changing her diaper or when she is falling a sleep or wakes up. 


Before I have designed ALIZI.MOBI, I have created a natural mobile from dry branch and paper origami birds for her, but she didn´t seemed to pay much attention to it. So I started to think how to make it more interesting for her from her view.


I was inspired by origami birds and very old hand crafted wooden dove, which my mam got from my grandma. This dove was created for little babies to develop their vision by focusing on detailed wings. So I decided to combine this two elements and create contemporary mobile, which will be simple in shape from horizontal view and beautiful from the bottom view of the baby.

I redrawed the body of the origami flappy bird and designed three different patterns of the wings. Each pattern is designed in different color, so that I can offer various individual parts and make the view for the baby more interesting. 


Honestly, I didn´t expect that it will make such a big difference.

This mobile catches her attention since she was 1,5 month old.

It calms her down when she is crying. She loves to observe the moving wings. I use individual birds and hang them in our appartment on places where she spends some time or in to the pram. It is something she always loves to watch...





ALIZI.MOBI is designed by me (Alzbeta Zimmerova), laser cut in the Czech local company. Every order is handpainted and assembled for you.


I use paint for wood. Please be aware, that it is not a toy ment for the baby to play with. It is more likely wooden decoration and doesn´t have testimonial for toys. 

For the production, I decided to make one pattern of the wings in mint color, second in grey and third in pure plywood...


ALIZI.MOBI consists of bamboo ring and plywood birds which are created by two parts - body and wings.



MOBILE: 32 x 32 x 4 cm (brown cardboard)

BIG BIRDS: 18 x 6 x 2 cm (white box)

SMALL BIRDS: 15 x 5 x 2 cm (white box)


Technical details

Bamboo ring: 30 cm in diameter.


Birds are made of 3 mm plywood of two different sizes.

Wings of the bigger bird: 17 cm

Wings of the smaller bird: 13,5 cm


The whole mobie is assembled and packed flat. 

Only wings need to be inserted to the body of the birds.

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